Contractual Agreements

Projects are generally carried out on the basis of a service contract (Dienstvertrag). Typically, a previously agreed hourly budget is agreed. Alternatively, we also offer work contracts (Werkvertrag) with a fix budget for you full cost control. The third option is a so called retainer agreement, in which we are available for a certain number of days per month. This can be of use for example for either support or the introduction/conversion of software systems in which only temporary support is required.

Project Schedule

The project work takes place at the office location in Wiesbaden, i.e. this is the main place of work. However, regular onsite appointments can be arranged with the customer for project planning and coordination. Projects are typically carried out in an agile fashion, i.e. several iterations. This enables us to react adequately and quickly to changed requirements and adjustments. In the rare case that all requirements for the project have already been completely and exhaustively determined at the beginning of the project, fixed deadlines can also be agreed upon.

At the beginning of the project an effort estimate is prepared for the project objective. The requirements are broken down into smaller, estimable milestones. These can be used to calculate the number of individual project hours. A typical, medium-sized project has a duration of about 3-6 months with about 2-4 milestones in that time. A partial payment is agreed upon for each milestone delivered and accepted.


Integration and Deliveries

Depending on the project requirements, either an executable, a (shared) library, an SDK, an installer, a document or the source code itself is defined as the project delivery. A combination of the previously listed artifacts is also possible. In addition to that, support is also offered for previous project submissions. The terms and conditions are usually agreed upon separately.

For projects that involve the refactoring of legacy code, build systems or for the implementation of high-performance routines the project can also be carried out directly on the customers's internal systems or software.