(Advanced) C++ Design Patterns

Kai Wolf

Kai Wolf 11 January 2021

(Advanced) C++ Design Patterns

Last week I gave a talk for the C++ User group Frankfurt regarding (Advanced) C++ Design Patterns. Due to the pandemic this talk was given remotely. While I still have to get used to talking to my monitor, I think overall it went pretty smooth. There were a lot of participants which I didn’t expect (and didn’t see for the most part). However, the Q&A session after the talk was pretty decent as well. I do hope though that I will be able to give regular talks again once this Corona thing will eventually be over.

Concerning the contents of the talk, I tried to motivate using specific C++ related techniques over traditional (GoF) Design Patterns due to the typical system memory and runtime constraints we’re facing when using C++ for the job anyways. More specifically I was discussing how to use static polymorphism to model the software system at hand to achieve basically the same with dynamic polymorphism but without paying for the overhead in memory/runtime. You can find the link to the slides here.

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