C++ training

Whether you’re coming from a different language or need a refresher on C++, this workshop will explain the core concepts of the C++ language and STL and bring you up to speed quickly.

We will refresh the basic language elements and dive in some of the latest language features of C++17. Besides, some common approaches to testing and work proven utilities such as check functions, scope guards or logging techniques wil be introduced and discussed as well.

In addition to that we will discuss commonly known (GoF), general Design Patterns such as the Builder, Facade or Observer pattern as well as C++ specific techniques such as CRTP and Tag Dispatching and how we can utilize these in the design of software programs.


  • Objects, Types, Values
  • (Free) functions
  • STL, Algorithms, Iterators, Containers
  • Memory, Heap vs. Stack
  • Templates and generic coding
  • Testing
  • (GoF) Design Patterns
  • C++ Design Patterns
  • Utilities


  • Recommended length: 1-3 days
  • 3-10 Attendees
  • Language: German or English
  • Price: The daily rate varies between companies and research institutions. Please contact us!
  • Training happens on own hardware (BYOD) (Software requirements and installation instructions will be provided in advance)

Additional material

  • Certificate of attendance
  • training material
  • Evaluation and report as PDF

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